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Top Questions

Where can I watch my ABC shows?

Who can access ABC shows, and the ABC app?

Can I watch content on and the ABC app if I'm outside the U.S.?

Where can I download the ABC app?

What is the ABC app?

Is the ABC app free to download?

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TV Provider Account

Unable to sign in to current TV provider

What is a TV provider?

How do I sign in to my TV provider on a streaming device?

Why am I asked to sign in to my TV provider?

What does the lock symbol mean on shows and episodes?

Does ABC access my participating TV provider account information?

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Live Streaming

Where is the live stream available?

Why isn't live streaming available in my location?

If I have a participating TV provider at home, can I view the live stream while traveling?

I can watch full episodes with my participating TV provider, but I can't view the live stream.

Live stream doesn't match live TV broadcast

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Video Playback Issue

Authorization Error 400-2 on locked content or live streaming

Why is video playback stalling, choppy, or not playing?

How do I enable Javascript?

How do I enable cookies?

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Player Features

How do I Continue Watching an episode from where I left off?

I can't find the episode that I was watching anymore.

How do I clear my viewing history?

How can I watch videos in full screen with my web browser?

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Full Episode Availability

How can I view the latest episodes on demand?

How do I watch the newest full episodes?

How to watch full episodes without a participating TV provider account

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Content Questions

Can I watch ABC content outside of the U.S.?

I'm getting an "Out of the country" error message

I can't find the episode that I was watching anymore.

How can I find the ABC programming TV schedule?

Where do I send fan mail and request autographed photos?

What is Disney+?

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Mobile Apps

Can I stream my device to my TV using Chromecast?

Can I stream my iOS device to my Apple TV using AirPlay?

Is the Apple Remote app for iOS compatible with the ABC app on Apple TV?

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My ABC Account

What is an ABC Account?

How do I log in and log out of my ABC Account?

Where can I use my ABC Account?

Why can't I sign in to my ABC Account?

How do I access my ABC Account details?

How do I change my ABC Account password?

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My List

What is My List?

How do I add or remove a show to My List?

Why did a show automatically appear in My List?

How do I Continue Watching an episode?

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ABC News App

What is the ABC News app?

What is the lock symbol?

Is there an extra cost?

When do new episodes get added?

Which mobile devices are supported? Are the apps free to download?

Can I watch ABC News content outside of the U.S.?

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How do I search for shows?

The show I searched for wasn't found

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Where can I watch the live broadcast of The Oscars awards ceremony?

Can I watch The Oscars awards ceremony on demand?

What can I access from

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